The K’NEX Education range educates, engages and inspires pupils in today’s busy classroom, from Nursery through to Key Stage 5.  Each innovative construction kit helps teachers bring to life a world of 3D STEM learning aligned to the curriculum, with support from a comprehensive Teachers Guide and easy to follow, colour coded instructions for pupils.



Why use K’NEX in the classroom?


  • Dynamic Models: Engage, excite and motivate pupils to learn through active participation in scientific inquiry, investigation, and experimentation.


  • Real World Replicas: Help students to relate concepts to the world they live in.


  • Education Standards: Aligned to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths curriculum.


  • Enquiry Based: Challenges students to apply problem solving, troubleshooting techniques.


  • Robust and Easy Storage: Easily constructed and deconstructed within lessons and compact to store.


  • Environmentally Friendly: During our manufacturing process, 100% of K’NEX Education materials are recycled.





The KID K’NEX range has big, soft chunky pieces and can be used by children with varying manipulative skills. Models are easily assembled, stay together during play and can be quickly dismantled and stored in sturdy snap on lid tubs.


KID K’NEX Group Set

RRP £49.99

Nursery – KS1, Age 3+, 8 Models, 8-10 Students, 131 pieces

With 131 KID K’NEX parts, including eyes, ears and wings, children can build whatever they can imagine. If they need a little inspiration, they’ll love the flash cards included. The set builds eight models and encourages colour and shape recognition, sorting and patterning skills and also aids manual dexterity and motor skills.


KID K’NEX Classroom Collection

RRP £84.99

Nursery – KS1, Age 3+, 23 Models, 8-10 Students, 267 pieces

This fun set builds 23 models, eight at a time, so is packed full of play value. The flash cards included provide inspiration for eight to ten children building simultaneously. The set encourages colour and shape recognition, stacking, sorting and sequencing, pattern recognition and copying, plus fine motor skill development.


KID K’NEX Organisms and Lifecycles

RRP £84.99

Nursery – KS1. Age 3+, 18 Models, 14 Students, 198 pieces

Pupils will love exploring the animal and plant world with this clever kit, which builds 18 different models, 14 simultaneously. With KID K’NEX parts including rods, connectors, fins, tentacles, beaks and eyes they can build from their imagination or be inspired by the eight 2 sided correspondence cards included. Children will learn about the characteristics of organisms, sorting and sequencing, environments, food chains and food webs, all while developing their fine motor skills.


KID K’NEX Transportation

RRP £94.99

Nursery – KS1. Age 3+, 13 Models, 8-10 Students, 229 pieces

This kit allows children to bring to life many methods of transportation with 229 parts including wheels. From cars and buggies to boats and helicopters, pupils can build their own vehicles to explore colour and shape recognition, sorting and sequences, while developing their manual dexterity and fine motor skills.






Children of all ages love to build! Whether doing so free form or following instructions K’NEX Education construction sets allow students to build and power models, helping them understand how they work.



RRP £169.99

Key Stage 1 – 2, Age 5+, 80 Models, 8-12 Students, 1113 pieces

This great value building set contains more than one thousand K’NEX pieces, one spring motor and a power pack motor for pupils to learn how structures are made.  They will enjoy changing and improving the design of models, exploring the impact of materials on the robustness of structures and the velocity and movements of vehicles.  Two instruction books included explain how to build 80 models, including eight dynamic motorized creations.






The K’NEX Introduction to Machines range allows students to explore diverse areas of the curriculum through hands on exploration and experimentation.


Simple Machines Deluxe

RRP £299.9

Key Stage 2 – 5, Age  8+, 60 Models, 10-15 Students, 3447 pieces

This set introduces students to the scientific concepts associated with simple machines — Levers, Pulleys, Wheels and Axles, Inclined Planes and Gears. As students build and investigate they are encouraged to discuss and evaluate the scientific principles in action. Concepts covered include energy transfer, effort and resistance forces, mechanical advantage, motion and forces.


Simple Machines Class Set

RRP £219.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 15 Models, 24-26 Students, 2176 pieces

Bring the excitement of STEM to your students with this set, introducing scientific concepts associated with simple machines including levers, pulleys, wheels and axles, inclined planes, gears, wedges, screws. Pupils will love exploring mechanical advantage and energy transfer with this incredible value set which builds 15 fully functioning models up to eight at a time.


Exploring Machines

RRP £149.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 10+, 30 Models, 8-12 Students, 1432 pieces

The 30 different models featured in this set enable students to investigate a broad variety of mechanisms in more complex models. Four of each type of model can be built simultaneously.  Within this set, pupils can explore levers, pulleys, motion and forces, energy transfer, effort and resistance forces and mechanical advantage.


Simple and Compound Machines

RRP £59.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 9+, 16 Models, 2-3 Students, 352 pieces

A smaller group version of the Exploring Machines kit, this set is designed to increase students understanding of simple machines and how they make work easier by investigating, exploring and experimenting with fully functioning simple machine models. Concepts explored include effort and resistance, mechanical advantage and force.

Introducing Machines: Levers and Pulleys

RRP £34.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 8 Models, 2-3 Students, 178 pieces

Build eight real working models of first, second and third class levers and fixed, moveable and combination pulley systems. For added value, this clever kit is packaged in a strong storage tray with moveable dividers and a snap on transparent lid.


Introducing Machines: Wheels, Axels and Inclined Planes

RRP £34.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 7 Models, 2-3 Students, 221 pieces

This set brings to life seven real world examples of how a wheel turns an axel, how an axel turns a wheel, plus two levels of inclines plane and a screw and wedge. The set supports a team of two to three students.


Introducing Machines: Gears

RRP £34.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 7 Models, 2-3 Students, 198 pieces

This set builds seven different gear models, including two spur gear, two crown gear and two chain and socket gear examples. Models include Egg Beater, Blender, Chainsaw, Record player, Crank Fan, Car Window and Exercise Bike. Children will explore how to identify gear configurations and adapt forces, speed and directions, exploring how these adaptations will modify outcomes.




The K’NEX Introducing Structures range is designed to support the Design and Technology, Science, Geography and History curriculum in schools.


The sets build replicas of real world bridges, showcasing real life examples of international bridges bring to life the engineering and maths concepts architects and engineers have to put in place to build robust durable structures.  Teacher’s Guides also extend the learning by exploring the cost involved in constructing the bridges and the part they have played in history.


Introducing structures: Real Bridge Building

RRP £189.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 10+, 7 Models, 6-8 Students, 2282 pieces

This impressive set builds replicas of real world bridges up to 1.8 metres long, two at a time. The kit assists students in their study of the history, function, structural design, geometry and strength of bridges. Students will investigate the physical properties of materials and their application in the placement of design and construction of bridges.

Introducing Structures: Bridges

RRP £34.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 13 Models, 2-3 Students, 207 pieces

With this kit, pupils can build 13 fully functioning replicas of seven key bridge types. They’ll learn to define characteristics and purposes of each bridge type then investigate the strength and stability of each type through experimentation.







This range of K’NEX Education products has been designed to allow students to investigate and explore how various forms of energy power everyday machines and structures around them. Key concepts covered in the range include Renewable energy, Energy storage, Energy efficient technologies, Force, Motion, Work and Power. The hands-on building of 3D models allows pupils to compare the performance of the designs to encourage problem solving and experimentation



Renewable Energy

RRP £179.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 10+, 9 Models, 6-12 Students, 550 pieces

Students can compare and contrast the power and efficiency of wind, solar and water powered machines, generating electricity to operate models as they experiment with renewable energy systems. The set builds nine models, three at a time and one capacitor for energy storage is included.


Exploring Wind and Water Energy

RRP £69.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 9+, 7 Models, 2-3 Students, 288 pieces

This small group version of the Renewable Energy set allows students to experiment with wind and water power. Students will investigate the science behind these energy sources and the technologies that help to make them useful. The kit builds seven wind and water powered models, one at a time.


Investigating Solar Energy

RRP £69.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 9+, 3 Models, 2-3 Students, 129 pieces

This small group version of the Renewable Energy set allows students to harness the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity to power working models. The set builds three solar powered models, one at a time.


Forces, Energy and Motion

RRP £119.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 10+, 11 Models, 12-16 Students, 442 pieces

This kit was designed to encourage students to test various models and motors in order to compare and contrast the impact of design on speed and distance travelled. The set includes tyres and motors, battery, spring and fly wheel. Pupils will explore velocity, acceleration, potential and kinetic energy, Newton’s law and the mathematics of motion.


Energy, Motion and Aeronautics

RRP £149.99

Key Stage 2 – 4, Age 10+, 9 Models, 6-9 Students, 1430 pieces

The Energy, Motion and Aeronautics set allows students to investigate a variety of concepts related to Newton’s Laws and aeronautics. These concepts include aeronautics as it applies to force and motion, as well as the effects of individuals who work in space. Pupils can test, evaluate and modify models and then extend the learning experience with data collection, graphing and analysis.






Amusement Park Experience

RRP £229.99

Key Stage 2–4, Age 10+, 13 Models, 6-8 Students, 2264 pieces

This incredible set opens up science and mathematical investigations into speed, distance and time, rotational motion and more. Build classic amusement park rides, from roller coasters and carousels to ferris wheels and pirate ships. Pupils can use the kit to explore gearing options displacement, mass motion and energy loss.



Roller Coaster Physics


Key Stage 5, Age 16+, 11 Models, 6-8 Students, 2037 pieces

This set is designed to allow students to explore the scientific concepts behind roller coaster rides as they design and conduct scientific investigations, identify variables of the problem and adapt models to improve performance. It encourages data collection, charting and reporting of experimental results.


Stem Explorations: Swing Ride

RRP £34.99 – AVAILABLE JULY 2016

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 3 Models, 2-3 Students, 470 pieces

Students will be engaged and energized as they further their knowledge and understanding of the science, technology, engineering and maths concepts associated with a real-life amusement park ride. The kit can build three models, one at a time, and includes instructions for three experiments per model.




Stem Explorations: Roller Coaster

RRP £34.99 – AVAILABLE JULY 2016

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 8+, 3 Models, 2-3 Students, 500 pieces

This set has been designed to engage and inspire students as they further their knowledge and understanding of how science, technology, engineering and maths concepts are used in the development of roller coasters. The kit can build three models, one at a time, and includes instructions for three experiments per model.







Students live in a 3D world, so it makes sense for them to connect with maths and geometry on a 3D level. K’NEX sets allow them to do just that, building their knowledge and understanding of key maths and geometry concepts.


Elementary Maths and Geometry

RRP £39.99

Key Stage 1 – 2, Age 6+, 38 Models, 3-4 Students, 142 pieces

This set is a fantastically engaging introduction to 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and fractions for hands-on maths. The 142 piece kit builds models, exploring shapes, faces, angles, symmetry, segments, rays edges, sides, congruence, fractions, vertices and more.


Intermediate Maths and Geometry

RRP £109.99

Key Stage 2 – 3, Age 9+, 95 Models, 8-16 Students, 920 pieces

This set builds 95 models, up to four at a time, to address critical mathematics concepts in the classroom and provide instructional models that will enhance the understanding of important concepts and algorithms. Concepts explored include sequencing, patterning, transformations, rotational symmetry, reflections, congruence and similarity.



DNA Replication and Transcription                             

RRP £49.99

Key Stage 2 – 5, Age 10+, 19 Models, 2-3 Students, 521 pieces

This set is designed to aid in teaching the structure and function of the nucleic acid molecules that make up DNA. Pupils can explore the molecular basis of heredity, chemistry and structure of DNA, enzymatic control of DNA process, translation of DNA code and more.