BNF Healthy Eating Week 2019 attracts over 4,000 school registrations

4,473 schools and nurseries, representing nearly 2 million children and young people, and 1,850 workplaces (or workplace teams), colleges and universities, representing over 800 thousand adults, have already registered to take part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week 2019 (10 – 14 June); with many more expected to register over the coming weeks.
BNF Healthy Eating Week aims to promote and celebrate healthy living – with a focus on eating and drinking healthily, being physically active and sleeping well – by providing schools and workplaces with activities and informative resources to support the five daily challenges: Have breakfast, Have 5 A DAY, Drink plenty, Get active, and – new for 2019 – Sleep well.

Now in its seventh year, BNF Healthy Eating Week provides schools and workplaces with an opportunity to focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle with free, evidence-based resources available for all involved. Participants are encouraged to complete a series of challenges during the week; and materials are designed especially so that activities can be continued all year round.
Roy Ballam, Managing Director and Head of Education at the BNF said: “There are a number of barriers to healthy eating for both children and adults, and this is a real cause for concern. A survey of 2,707 11-16 year olds in the UK, conducted as part of BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018, showed us that 12 percent of young people are not sure what the healthiest foods are. 36 percent of secondary school pupils commented that they don’t like healthy foods and 20 percent said that healthy foods are boring.** BNF Healthy Week aims to address some of these barriers, by providing schools with important information and resources on nutrition, cooking, food provenance and physical activity.”

A new focus for this year is sleep, and resources will highlight that getting enough good quality sleep is a key element of healthy lifestyles. Where a poor night’s sleep can make people feel grumpy and irritable, regular lack of sleep can have a negative impact on dietary choices including higher intakes of calories and more frequent snacking on less healthy foods.
Ballam continues: “With emerging research linking poor sleep quality to less healthy food choices and increased risk of obesity, we felt it was important to introduce the new ‘Sleep Well’ challenge for 2019. As part of the challenge, we are providing a ‘Sleep well’ webinar, where registrants can find out about sleep/wake cycles, how sleep might affect health and bodyweight, as well as sleep recommendations for children and adults.”
For more information about BNF Healthy Eating Week 2019 and to register your nursery, school, college, university or workplace, please visit:

Safeguarding educational bodies against unsuspected cyber threats

Due to the vast amount of sensitive data that they hold, educational institutions are a key target for cyberattacks. According to a recent report, ethical hackers were able to overcome UK university defences and obtain “high-value” data within two hours. In fact, universities and research centres have faced repeated attacks from bad actors, with over 200 institutions reporting more than 1,000 attempts to steal data or disrupt services last year.
As the holiday season approaches, many people tend to travel, and last-minute emails or reports may tempt students and faculty onto shared networks. But with valuable assets and data on public Wi-Fi access, comes great security risk and vulnerability.
Therefore, SecureAuth recommends the following on how educational bodies can reduce risk and defend against attacks:

• Employ secure access control

Username and password combinations are notorious for offering suboptimal security and educational organisations need an approach that protects the end user and sensitive information, while not hindering user experience. Adaptive authentication is one approach that provides world-class security without impacting usability. That’s because risk checks are completed without users being aware of it —multi-factor authentication is applied only if risks are detected.

• Deploy single-sign on authentication

The number of passwords students and staff must manage, grows daily, putting security at risk. However, by adopting a passwordless approach with single-sign on, the user is given a single set of credentials to remember, streamlining secure access to on-premises, mobile, cloud, VPN, and legacy resources while eliminating stored, passed, or synced credentials. If the identity is compromised, adaptive authentication ensures the attacker will be challenged with multi-factor authentication and/or denied access. Time savings with single sign-on and passwordless authentication can be significant.

• Be wary of public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is not monitored, nor is it secure. Cybercriminals can see individuals’ activity such as sites logged into, data being transferred and other information of what the user is doing. While away from the campus, staff and students should avoid visiting sites or conducting activity with sensitive or confidential information such as money transfers when connected to a public hotspot. Instead, they should wait until access can be achieved on a trusted network.

Karl Barton, International Channels and Alliances at SecureAuth, commented, “Educational institutions should be proactive about protecting valuable assets and data, especially when remote working is a key facet in the era of digital transformation and modern learning. For instance, forward-thinking security teams such as at The University of New Hampshire recognised the need for improved cybersecurity defences. They worked with SecureAuth to strengthen their security and protection while maintaining an easy experience for users, by applying modern access management solutions that secures over 26,000 users at any given moment.

By adopting modern identity security technologies, educational institutions can exponentially reduce the threat surface, enable user adoption and meet business demands with frictionless user experience driving engagement and productivity.”



Ten education professionals from across Wales win at the Professional Teaching Awards Cymru 2019

Ten inspirational teachers and education professionals have been revealed as winners at the third Professional Teaching Awards Cymru.
29 finalists from all four corners of Wales, were invited to celebrate excellence in education in a special ceremony held at Soughton Hall, Mold. Welsh comedian Tudur Owen and Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams revealed the winners of the ten categories.
Rhian Morgan Ellis from Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda took home the award for Headteacher of the Year. Nominated for her long-lasting and wide-reaching impact on the whole school community, she impressed the judges with her commitment and dedication to improving the educational opportunities for her pupils.
Rhian said, “It’s an honour to accept this award and it’s great to receive this recognition from the Welsh Government. It’s a pleasure to accept this award on behalf of the team at Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda.”
Gruff Arfon from Ysgol Tryfan, Bangor, was awarded Outstanding New Teacher. Nominated for his innovation and inclusive approach to teaching, he inspires all pupils across the school. The judges were impressed with Gruff’s innate calmness, and the way he puts pupils at the forefront of everything he does.
Gruff said, “I wasn’t expecting the award. It’s nice to get recognition for all the hard work with so many other teachers from across Wales. Everyone is working towards the same goal; to improve education for children.”

o Outstanding New Teacher – Gruff Arfon, Ysgol Tryfan, Bangor
o Youth Work in Schools – Amy Bolderson, Pontypridd High School, Pontypridd
o Supporting Teachers and Learners – Emma Gray, Bassaleg School, Newport
o Best Use of Digital Learning – Phil Meredith, Caerleon Comprehensive, Caerleon
o School Business Manager / Bursar – Gwyn Jones, Ysgol Eirias, Conwy
o Inspirational Use of the Welsh Language – Mark Morgan, Pen Y Dre High School, Merthyr Tydfil
o Teacher of the Year – Allison Pope, Cwm Primary School, Ebbw Vale
o Promoting Collaboration to Improve Learning Opportunities – Gemma Carr Evans, Bridgend College, Bridgend
o Promoting Wellbeing, Inclusion and Relations with the Community – Cadoxton Primary School, Barry
o Headteacher of the Year – Rhian Morgan Ellis, Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda, Porth

The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, said: “A huge congratulations to all ten of this year’s Professional Teaching Awards Cymru winners. The calibre of nominees was so high that all of those who made it to the ceremony today deserve a massive round of applause for all their hard work and dedication.

“The awards are a testament to the winners’ outstanding commitment to our education system in Wales. When we launched the awards three years ago it was because we wanted to celebrate the professionals dedicated to teaching our children day in and day out, and making our schools great places to learn.

“Every year we have the opportunity to celebrate different aspects of teaching. This year we introduced the first Youth Work in Schools award, which recognises those who provide outstanding youth work and have an exceptional impact on the lives of young people in their school.

“Our support workers, teachers and education professionals are integral to our education system and continue to put young people at the forefront of everything they do.”

The awards ceremony will be available to watch on Facebook @EducationWales from 6pm on Sunday 19 May.
All ten winners were presented with bespoke, hand-crafted Griffiths Jones trophies.
To view the full list of finalists and winners, visit: Join the conversation with #TeachingAwardsCymru and keep an eye on the Education Wales social channels @WG_Education/@EducationWales.

For more information, please contact:
Cowshed / 02920 789321

RESPECT community outreach programme celebrates 10 years of positively inspiring local school children in South Yorkshire

The RESPECT Programme, a multi-agency community outreach initiative in South Yorkshire run by professional basketball club, Sheffield Sharks is celebrating its 10th anniversary of delivering proactive sports, social and citizenship sessions to primary school children. It is supported by diagnostic imaging company Canon Medical Systems UK.

Social, health, sports & citizenship lessons passed on to future generations

The RESPECT Programme, a community outreach initiative in South Yorkshire run by professional basketball club Sheffield Sharks, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of delivering proactive sports, social and citizenship workshops to primary school children.

This important milestone year of the not-for-profit scheme is supported by diagnostic imaging company Canon Medical Systems UK, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility #madeforlife commitments. The 2018/19 RESPECT scheme is currently seeing over 600 Year 5 and 6 primary school children via workshops on bullying, staying safe online, fire safety and basketball skills. The academic year will conclude with a celebratory basketball tournament between participating schools in June at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield.

Over the past ten years, the RESPECT programme has grown in scale, interacting with nearly 5,000 nine and ten year old pupils at schools in the disadvantaged South Yorkshire areas of Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield. Participating schools gain external support and resource sessions in the non-statutory curriculum area of Personal, Social, Health and Citizen Education (PSHCE) combined with practical sports coaching and role model psychology from Sheffield Sharks professional basketball players.

“The Year 5 children love it when Sheffield Sharks come to visit – they engage, listen and want to take part – who wouldn’t when a 7ft tall professional basketball player comes into the room!” states Mandy Fenech, Safeguarding Officer at Arbourthorne Community Primary School. “The Sheffield Sharks RESPECT programme has been so important to our school over many years. It complements our own PSHE curriculum and safeguarding topics perfectly, covering bullying, online safety, crime plus fire and safety. Delivery of the sessions is unique and our pre-teen pupils sit up and take notice – you can see their interest and engagement rise during the sessions.”

“The ethos of the RESPECT programme is to encourage participation in physical activity such as basketball; to promote an understanding of the need for community values; and to help young people stay safe using technology such as the Internet,” states Joel Mills, Operations Manager and RESPECT Programme Leader at DBL Sharks Sheffield Basketball Club. “The sessions are run with Year 5 primary school children, the age that criminal responsibility starts, and aims to openly discuss making the right choices in life.”

“The RESPECT programme delivered by Sheffield Sharks is about striving for the greater good. It mirrors our own Japanese business culture and the philosophy behind our long-standing ‘Made for Life’ vision of building relationships that rely on trust, respect and transparency to improve life for all,” states Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK. “We are proud to see the positive impacts that the RESPECT scheme is having on local children, families and the wider community.”

The RESPECT Programme, a multi-agency community outreach initiative in South Yorkshire run by professional basketball club, Sheffield Sharks is celebrating its 10th anniversary of delivering proactive sports, social and citizenship sessions to primary school children. It is supported by diagnostic imaging company Canon Medical Systems UK.

Sheffield Sharks players and RESPECT leaders are mostly from black or minority ethnic groups and have real-life stories to tell of growing up in challenging circumstances and how choosing a path of sport enabled them to gain skills and stay trouble free. South Yorkshire Police and Fire & Rescue Service also play a part with the RESPECT programme in addressing the wide range of issues that impact local communities, not least in educating the children that the criminal age of responsibility is from age 10.

Mandy Fenech concludes, “Almost 70% of our pupils are entitled to free school meals and some of our families face many hardships. We give the children a routine and safe environment to belong to and our Core Values are echoed through the RESPECT programme. Giving our pupils proactive guidance in life is incredibly important and we’re so thankful, as parents and teachers, to have the support of Sheffield Sharks and the RESPECT programme in our area.”

Due to the success of the RESPECT programme with primary school children, plans for RESPECT2 a programme targeting secondary schools and encouraging teenagers to stay out of gangs and knife crime is under development and due to be piloted in 2020.

The Duchess of Cambridge and RHS publish activity guides for young gardeners

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have collaborated on five new resources, published today, that are intended to inspire children to engage with gardens and nature.

The step-by-step guides to creating fairy gardens, welly planters, leaf wands, bug hotels and painted pebbles take inspiration from the Duchess’ RHS Back to Nature Garden at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show (21st – 25th May).
The woodland garden, co-designed by The Duchess of Cambridge and Landscape Architects Andree Davies and Adam White, is inspired by childhood memories triggered by the natural world and includes a beautifully crafted hollow log for children to climb through, den, waterfall, stream and tree house.
From recycling old toys and boots to creating miniature scenes from their imagination, the activities do not require access to a private garden and are intended to be low cost for families, schools and youth groups.

Alana Cama, Schools and Groups Programme Manager at the Royal Horticultural Society, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to create a series of resources with The Duchess of Cambridge. Children can now take home a slice of the magical RHS Back to Nature Garden and create special memories with their families in the process.”
The activity cards are available via the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website. The public are also invited to share their creations on social media, copying in @RHSSchools.
For more information about the RHS Back to Nature Garden visit

Introducing the ‘Marketplace just for Educators’ is a unique online platform for educators to swap, buy and sell, donate or borrow equipment and resources

Sites like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace have become valuable resources for anyone looking to sell, find or swap goods – however nurseries, schools, colleges and universities have a niche need for equipment and as budgets are squeezed they’re often trawling these sites to no avail. In comes Reuse4education, a new online portal dedicated solely to education providers looking to swap, sell, donate, buy or even borrow unwanted resources. is built on one man’s dream to build an international educational community designed to provide schools, colleges and universities with access to an incredible variety of resources, equipment and opportunities.

That man is Mark Abrahams, the founder and CEO of Recycle Your Cycle – a revolutionary programme launched in 2016 in partnership with HM Prison Service, which sees over 300 biles and more than 100 vacuums being refurbished by UK inmates every month.

Budgets for all public sector services are always tight and it’s no different for the education sector, this free and easy to use online service allows education institutions to buy, sell, swap and loan equipment, everything from textbooks to test-tubes and PE equipment to printers.

With 80 universities, colleges and schools already signed up, it couldn’t be easier to use either, registration is straight forward, once logged on, users simply search for equipment they need or list items they no longer need and want to donate or sell. As well as the website, Reuse4education also provides a weekly email with a list of resources that are on offer.

Discussing how and why Reuse4education has come about, Mark stated:

“Through Recycle Your Cycle I have seen the benefits of upcycling and reusing unwanted materials and I was adamant that there was an opportunity to implement these principles in other sectors. There are increased pressures on the education sector with squeezed budgets and limited resources so I felt Reuse4education could be a starting point to change this.

So often colleges and universities refurbish their equipment and there’s no reason why schools couldn’t put it to good use. Furthermore, in many cases, equipment is only needed in the short-term for a certain project, if it could be borrowed rather than bought this would be invaluable. My only goal with Reuse4education is to strengthen the education community in the UK and hopefully down the line, around the world”.

Whilst researching the concept, Reuse4education spoke with a number of teachers to understand their concerns and specific needs, one teacher commented:

“As a science teacher in an 11-16 secondary school, I often find myself wanting pieces of equipment for lessons that wouldn’t justify the cost of only being used once a year. I love the idea of sharing such equipment between schools and allowing the students to access even better resources for their learning”!

Discussing the existing buy and sell sites, a second teacher added:

“Amazon and eBay are great but searching for text books and resources is hard work, so reuse4education is just fantastic and really, really needed. We have items at school which I know would be of use to someone else when we finish doing certain courses, so it is great to know we can now put them on this site and pass them on”.

Reuse4education is accessible on a local, regional, national and hopefully soon an international scale. The dream is that not only will it provide valuable resources but also reduce waste, maximise recycling and build a stronger community amongst the UK’s educators.

Exning Primary School, Suffolk, wins LGfL 2019 Digital Excellence Award for ‘Cloud Transformation’!

Exning Primary School in Newmarket, Suffolk is celebrating winning a 2019 LGfL Digital Excellence Award in the ‘Cloud Transformation’ category for their use of cloud-based technology to reduce teacher workload and increase pupil collaboration in lessons. Run by edtech charity LGfL, the Digital Excellence Awards celebrate the innovative ways schools use LGfL’s services and digital learning resources to improve teaching and learning.

Based in the fast-paced setting of the City of London, the awards ceremony took place at LGfL’s Annual Curriculum Conference on 25 April which addressed teacher and student wellbeing, the computing curriculum and LGfL’s landmark deals with IT giants including Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. Presented for the first time this year, the ‘Cloud Transformation’ award aims to recognise schools for creative use of the new cloud-based tools provided through the LGfL ‘Let’s Get Digital’ subscription, including Google (G Suite) for Education – software that increases learning opportunities, reduces administrative tasks and encourages critical thinking.

At Exning Primary, G Suite has reduced teacher workload and revitalised lessons through live formative feedback. The judges commended Exning Primary for the “clear evidence of transformation through the cloud-based tools that enable new styles of teaching and learning, such as formative assessment, pupil collaboration and working at home. These activities have clearly enhanced the children’s learning.”

Natasha Warren, Deputy Headteacher at Exning Primary, said “We are thrilled to be the first recipients of the ‘Cloud Transformation’ award. We’re committed to providing our pupils and staff opportunities to benefit from the latest technological innovations because it makes us more effective teachers and helps our pupils achieve their full potential. Last year we attended our first LGfL conference which inspired us to develop a cloud-based digital strategy.”

John Jackson, CEO, LGfL commented on the award win, “It’s fantastic to see how our schools are using cloud-based software to infuse creativity in the classroom and reduce administrative tasks for teachers. As the pressures on teachers continue to grow in the face of dwindling budgets, LGfL is committed to helping schools through providing the latest cutting-edge software at no extra cost to schools.”

Submissions for the 2020 LGfL Digital Excellence Awards open in October. To find out more, please visit

Winner of the 2019 Education Resources Award (ERA) in the category ‘Supplier of the Year: Not-for-profit’, LGfL is committed to the advancement of education through digital innovation. Serving a growing community of over 3,000 schools throughout the UK, LGfL is focused on saving schools money, tackling inequality, promoting wellbeing and keeping children safe.

Cambridge students win work experience at Arm through FXP Extended Challenge

                                                             Cambridge students win work experience at Arm through FXP Extended Challenge

Two students from North Cambridge Academy (NCA) and one student from Chesterton Community College (CCC) have been announced as the winners of this year’s FXP Extended Challenge, organised by FXP Festival in collaboration with Arm, the Cambridge-headquartered global technology leader. Vanessa, Gino (NCA) and Luca (CCC) have all secured a week’s work experience at Arm this summer.
To complete the challenge, students worked independently, from 21 January to 25 March 2019, to design a mobile app that gamifies a solution to one of three global problems linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger, Good Health & Wellbeing and Climate Action. App ideas were judged by representatives from Arm and FXP, who evaluated the most innovative, appealing and practical apps.
FXP Festival is a local education initiative which uses computer games to increase interest and uptake of STEM subjects, build young people’s digital skills and provide an insight into what careers in the technology, creative digital and related industries might offer. The competition comprises three key strands – computer games concept design, computer games development and, new for 2019, creative writing and illustration. Arm supports the initiative every year financially and with the provision of industry mentors to help guide the students over the festival weekend.
Simon Humphrey, senior manager, sustainability at Arm, commented: “At Arm, we want to encourage young people to explore the exciting opportunities a career in technology can offer, and this competition uncovered several diverse and creative ideas. The three winners really stood out for the way in which they used technology to solve real-world problems in simple and intuitive ways.”
Alison Taylor, founder of FXP and managing director at Conscious Communications, commented: “FXP Festival is all about providing exciting learning opportunities for the young people in our region. Each year, the competition takes place over a weekend in July at Cambridge Regional College and, while many students spend months preparing to compete in the competition, it has been fantastic to run the Extended Challenge as an additional activity during the quieter months too. One of our key motivations for organising FXP is to help drive social mobility in the region, so enabling three students to secure work experience placements at Arm is another step towards this goal.”
FXP 2019 will take place from 6– 8 July, at the Rizing Games studios at Cambridge Regional College and is open to schools, colleges, home school groups and out-of-school clubs across East Anglia. Teams can register their interest by emailing

University of Essex selects Rohde & Schwarz to equip main Electronic Engineering teaching lab


The newly refurbished Electronic Engineering teaching laboratory at the University of Esssex has selected Rohde & Schwarz test instruments for each workstation

Rohde & Schwarz wins contract for test equipment in the newly refurbished teaching laboratory

Fleet, UK, 14 May 2019 — Rohde & Schwarz today announced that it has won a contract to supply test equipment for the newly refurbished Electronic Engineering teaching laboratory at the University of Essex. With 16,500 students from over 140 countries situated across three campuses, the University of Essex is internationally diverse and rated as one of Britain’s top universities. The new lab is central to the University’s teaching of Electronic Engineering, and is used by undergraduate, MEng and Masters Students.

Professor Anthony Vickers, Head of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE) at the University of Essex, commented, “We have made a considerable investment in our main teaching laboratory and created a facility that we are truly proud of, which fully meets the expectations of our new cohorts of students. Rohde & Schwarz stood out as delivering exceptional quality, service and measurement performance. Its test solutions are smart and connected, with specific features to help our teaching staff guide the learning experience.”

Phil McCluskey, Sales Engineer, University Business Development, Rohde & Schwarz UK added, “We are delighted that Rohde & Schwarz has been chosen to equip the main teaching lab in one of the UK’s top electronic engineering schools. This laboratory is used by over 450 students a year as they start their careers in this wonderful discipline, and we are excited that they will be learning their subject on Rohde & Schwarz equipment.”

The University of Essex has equipped each workstation with an R&S RTB2000, which offers an oscilloscope plus logic and protocol analyzer, waveform and pattern generator and digital volt-meter in a single compact case. This not only reduces the overall investment in test equipment, but also saves valuable space at each workstation. The built-in web server functionality enables students and lecturers to display their oscilloscope screen content to the classroom and over a network. Other features of the oscilloscope that appeal particularly to students include gesture recognition.

The university has also implemented a lab management software solution with Rohde & Schwarz to streamline lab setup between classes. It automates lab bench assignment and instrument configuration, as well as presenting remote screen content.

The R&S NGE100 DC Power supplies purchased by the University of Essex offer high efficiency combined with low ripple, plus a variety of comfort functions that are not usually found in this class of power supplies. R&S HMC8012 Digital Multimeters are also installed at each workstation.

Bringing ideas to life – our educational resources
Rohde & Schwarz continues to develop its partnerships with universities worldwide to make sure that the next generation of engineers have the support and state-of-the-art instruments they require to optimise the present and shape the future. In addition to test equipment, Rohde & Schwarz provides literature, offers expert guest lectures, as well as seminars and training courses for academics and students, and also sponsors student competitions with test equipment and awards. For further information, go to:

New on-trend panel designs from Fibo

Fibo UK, leading manufacturer of high-performance wall panels, has significantly expanded its range of panel designs and colours. Nine all-new designs have been added, reflecting design trends for marble and natural stone effects, and soft greens and neutrals. Four further panels (sea blues and greys) that were previously only sold in Europe have also now been introduced to the UK.

The introduction of the new designs coincides with a refresh and rebranding of Fibo’s collections: Scandinavian Tile Effect (replacing Marcato), Contemporary Tile Effect (including previous Classic and Colour Splash ranges), Signature and Timeless. “Our new ranges are pictured in our latest A3 brochure and give stockists, installers, specifiers and contractors more choice than ever when it comes to transforming bathroom and kitchen walls,” says Scott Beattie, Managing Director of Fibo.

The new designs include four on-trend marble-effect panels in White, Silver Grey, Black and Golden Brown, available with and without grouting lines for a tile effect or a seamless panel wall. Grey Cement is a warm shade with a silk finish with grouting lines, while Soft Cement is a seamless panel with a slightly cooler tone. The new extra matt colours are Olive Green, Light Sand and Warm Grey, while London, Sea Breeze, Kingston and Svalbard are blues and greys that have sold well in Europe and have now been introduced to the UK. Both are available with and without grouting. “The recent additions are included in our Scandinavian and Contemporary Tile Effect Collections, and in our Signature Collection,” adds Scott.

“It’s important we support our stockist customers with stand-out products and a wide range to help them sell. Our latest panel designs mean builders and installers now have more choice and more opportunities to transform walls – and their projects – with stylish, durable panels. Whether it’s for home improvements, community projects such as schools, or professional settings such as offices, restaurants and hotels, our panel collections help create smart, practical interiors that stay looking good for many years.”

For more information on Fibo’s new panel designs or to request a copy of its new brochure, call 01494 771242 or email Follow on Twitter @Fibo_UK.