Holiday activity booking and payments made easy with online solution from WisePay

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WisePay has launched a new 24/7 online Holiday Activity Booking and Payment Service, designed to simplify the marketing and management processes for Independent Schools offering extra-curricular  courses to both their own pupils and additional students during school holidays. Guaranteed to reduce administration time and costs, this new solution enables parents to view suitable activities and book places online 24/7 for their children’s courses, be that in sport, music or art.

Staff can view on one user-friendly platform all payments and bookings received by activity type and see student registration numbers in real-time, helping them to determine whether or not a course is viable to run. Additionally, all consent and required information can be processed online by WisePay so that all information is in a single place by activity and by student taking part.

Should an activity also require specialist equipment such as wet suits, sports racket hire or similar, a parent can also book and pay for the equipment at the time of the booking.  This allows the school to quickly and easily see what equipment is booked out at any point in time so allowing them to manage their assets efficiently.

By linking to the WisePay Communications Hub, for emailing and texting parents, the Holiday Activity Booking and Payment Service can also be used to promote activities to both existing and new parents. Registration can be collected from customers who are then informed when a new activity becomes available or a popular activity is being run in another holiday period in order to maximise future sign ups.

Parents logging in can browse activity information, prices and remaining places and view bookings that they have already made in their online calendar.

Health and safety forms can also be completed online. Parents simply enter their emergency contact details and any existing medical conditions relevant to their child. This gives peace of mind both to parents, who can be assured that the school has followed the procedure to keep children safe. The service can be accessed on tablets and mobiles 24/7, encouraging bookings and generating more revenue for the school.

Sarah Phillips, Managing Director of WisePay, commented: “We designed this service to help independent schools embrace the digital age in the way they process bookings and market their holiday activities. There are huge benefits to taking bookings and payments online, and we have made this service as flexible and user-friendly as possible to help schools take advantage of them and increase their revenue.”

Happy Staff Boost Business for Pabulum

Pabulum staff celebrating success at the annual conference and listening what’s ahead for them


It’s been a record year for school caterer Pabulum in terms of turnover and profit, with contract wins at over 20 new schools and new business sales of £2.4 million. It’s also been a very positive year for staff, who overwhelmingly stated they were happy working for Pabulum in a survey undertaken as part of the company’s efforts to become an Employer of Choice.

There was further positivity from staff with over 96% of Pabulum employees feeling that their manager was doing a good job and 9.5 out of every 10 employees saying they had close relationships with their colleagues. When it came to job satisfaction, Pabulum staff resoundingly agreed that ‘happy school children’ gave them the most fulfilment at work.

Achieving and maintaining such high levels of staff morale hasn’t been easy but Managing Director, Nelson Williams, feels investing in employees and making life simpler for all teams is of the utmost importance. He attributes this year’s achievements to a more collaborative approach across the business and a number of investments that have helped employees’ to fulfil their roles to the highest standards, he commented:

“Our aim is to continue to be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well-being and to inspire a lasting love and passion for fresh food in young people. Our staff are absolutely crucial to this vision, it’s one of the reasons we are investing in becoming an Employer of Choice. As part of this investment we’ve put new team structures in place, such as our Operations Team who have helped to to ensure a clearly defined and consistent offer and truly fresh food every day in our schools.

We also recognise the need to make employees lives easier, so that they can do the best job possible. To that end, we have invested in 21st century IT systems and hardware. We’ve gone beyond implementing cashless systems in schools and have vastly improved business processes which were previously manual and very time-consuming. These investments have been significant but ultimately we know we’re making life better for employees and for the schools we cater for.”

Pabulum Staff Enjoying Meet 2015


This approach appears to have paid off for Pabulum who recently reported achieving their new business targets within the first few months of their financial year. What’s more, the company is proud to be able to say it is only working with schools and colleges that are rated as good or outstanding by Ofsted. Nelson Williams commented on the schools Pabulum caters for:


“We’re very pleased be providing meals at so many truly excellent schools and colleges. For us it is very important to work with schools where there is a strong leadership team who support our commitment to creating a fresh food culture. All our school meals are produced on site, from scratch, using fresh, nutritionally balanced ingredients and this is something we won’t compromise on. It’s fantastic to be working with so many schools who share our values and passion for fresh food.”


Pabulum is keen for its success to continue into the new school year and has implemented a ‘Continuous Improvement Plan’ to ensure performance is measured and documented in order to help retain existing contracts and deliver organic growth for the company.


As for Pabulum’s people, as the new term gets underway one thing is for sure, their focus will once again be on the health and well-being of the next generation.


To find out more Pabulum’s record year visit and check out the news section.

Education sector realising personal service benefits, says specialist.

Philip Thomas

Recruitment agencies working in the education sector are realising substantial benefits for their clients from personal service companies according to a contracting specialist.


Nova Contracting, an established expert in setting up and administering PSCs, said the fixed-term contracts, which are fully compliant with current legislation and enjoy the same conditions and duty of care as other employment contracts, were enabling many agencies recruiting teaching and support staff, to realise savings for their clients.


“Engaging teachers, teaching assistants and support staff through their own limited companies, provides savings on National Insurance Contributions, holiday and pension payments, which can be used to reinvest in staff and services,” said Nova Contracting Business Development Manager Philip Thomas.


“Employees who choose to work through PSCs can also increase their take home pay through qualifying business expenses for mileage and training. As long as business expenses are incurred ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ in the performance of their duties as an employee, they can include professional fees and courses, including DBS, mileage to and from their place of work, meals, accommodation if they’re staying away from home,  telephone costs and portable sat nav systems. These can add up to substantial added income for many employees.”


Nova works with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies offering a wide range of compliant employment solutions. The contracting specialist also operates across the logistics, industrial, catering and hospitality sectors.


Calday Grange       Essendene Lodge 2

Charity encourages school sign ups ahead of the event on September 18th

Jeans for Genes Day is celebrating its 20th year of fundraising for children with genetic disorders on Friday 18th September 2015, and this year a host of celebrities are backing the campaign including Kate Moss, Amanda Holden and SpongeBob Square Pants.


Jeans for Genes Day is a fun and educational mass participation event that brings schools together to raise money for children with genetic disorders. The charity is encouraging schools to register to take part as soon as the Autumn term starts, and to participate in what promises to be the biggest and best Jeans for Genes Day since the event first started back in 1996.


Schools can sign up via the website and will receive free educational materials tailored to early years and all key stages, which have been designed to help schools make the most of their Jeans for Genes Day activities, plus toolkits, assembly and fundraising ideas and event check lists.


Since 1996, schools have played the biggest part in raising money for Jeans for Genes and so far,

over 15,000 schools across the UK have organised a Jeans for Genes Day event. Many schools have supported the cause for multiple years and Essendene Lodge Primary School in Caterham, Surrey has been supporting the charity for 20 years as has Ravensbourne School in Romford, Essex.


The charity’s top fundraising primary schools are Leeds Grammar School, who donated over £16,000, Berkhamsted School in Hertfordshire, who donated over £8,000 and Cairnshill Primary School in Belfast, who have also donated over £8,000.







The charity’s top fundraising secondary schools are Calday Grange Grammar School on the Wirral, who donated over £25,000, Fields Grammar School in Lisburn, Co Antrim, who have donated over £20,000 and Imberhorne school in East Grinstead who have donated over £19,000.


It is estimated that 1 in 25 children are affected by a genetic disorder and 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed in the UK each year. Some genetic disorders are apparent at birth while others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and sometimes into adulthood.


Jeans for Genes Day has been raising funds to help children affected by some of the most serious and life-threatening genetic disorders. Over the last 20 years, a sea of denim has swept across the UK as the British public have taken up the Jeans for Genes Day banner and helped raise over £40million.


Caroline Harding, Chief Executive of Jeans for Genes Day, says: “Over the last 20 years we’ve had phenomenal support from schools who have really championed Jeans for Genes Day. This year we are urging teachers, pupils and school councils to once again consider participating in our very special anniversary fundraiser.


“Just by wearing jeans and making a donation, schools have already helped us to raise millions of pounds to provide vital care and support for children with genetic disorders. To mark our 20th anniversary, we’re asking pupils and teachers to go the extra mile and do something extraordinary in jeans to improve the lives and experience of children and families affected by genetic disorders.


“Throughout September we expect to see denim fever sweep across the country as high profile celebrities and schools get involved and show their support. We’re excited to announce a team of synchronised swimmers will be performing in jeans as well as a ballet house rehearsing Swan Lake in denim.”


Do something extraordinary in jeans by celebrating 20 years of Jeans for Genes Day. For more information for schools and to register, please visit  or call 0800 980 4800.