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LifeGames free app and book out now
Short Business Description: The LifeGames free app and book feature a collection of fun group activities aimed at 3 to 12 year olds that teach the essential ‘lost’ life and social skills of empathy, respect, cooperation, sharing, trust, resilience, responsibility, and much more through the medium of play.
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LifeGames was developed after initial research revealed a distinct lack of essential life skills development in our current education system, with teachers struggling to cope with increased behavioural issues as a direct result.

The LifeGames free downloadable app and introductory book were developed by our team of specialists in child care and education, delivering a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games specially designed to address these shortfalls.

Following on from a successful pilot programme involving 51 schools across the UK and Ireland in early 2019, the LifeGames app and book were launched in September 2019.

Available as a free app on Google Play and the App Store, and an introductory book entitled ‘Introducing LifeGames’ on Amazon, LifeGames is a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games, organised into 5 key categories: Self, Community, World, Social Skills and Problem Solving, aimed at children of ages 3-12.

The free LifeGames app comes preloaded with a collection of 40+ classroom activities and games for three age groups (3-5, 6-9, 10-12), covering key areas such as empathy, respect, responsibility, problem solving, conflict resolution, effective communication and confidence.

A further 320+ activities and games are accessible via the LifeGames app and a variety of packages are available to suit even the most thinly stretched educational budget.

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Short Business Description: The Thrive Approach® is a specific way of working with children and young people that supports their healthy social and emotional development by interpreting the underlying needs signalled by their behaviour. Thrive is underpinned by an online profiling and action-planning tool and experiential training.
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At Thrive® we promote the social and emotional development of children and young people by helping adults know how to be and what to do in relationship with them. Thrive provides this support via training and an online profiling and action-planning tool.

The Thrive Approach® is a specific way of working with all children and young people that supports their social and emotional wellbeing. It draws on established neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to provide a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional and social developmental needs in children and young people. The Approach also provides targeted strategies and activities to enable differentiated provision to be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with them.

Thrive training helps professionals to understand what healthy child development looks like in terms of behaviour and learning, and to be able to recognise what a child or young person’s more worrying behaviour may be communicating. The Thrive Approach will clarify the role of adults in helping to facilitate healthy development at different stages, from early years through to adolescence. The training will enable staff to develop whole-class curriculum plans that underpin right-time development, as well as providing targeted interventions for individual pupils identified as needing additional support.

An integral element of the Thrive Approach is Thrive-Online® (TOL) – Practitioners cannot implement Thrive without it. The online platform provides a profiling tool that, ideally, is used for whole groups/classes, screening pupils against age-related expectations. This will identify any pupils who may require additional targeted support. TOL provides class action plans for right-time development, drawing on curriculum strategies and teaching suggestions, as well as more detailed individual actions plans to meet specific needs. The individual child action plans can be drawn up for staff in the setting as well as for parents at home. TOL then enables you to monitor progress, attainment and attendance, charting this for individuals, groups and whole settings, and where appropriate across a number of settings.

To embed the Thrive Approach in a setting for optimal impact, we recommend that a designated member of the Senior Leadership Team attends the SLT two-day training course, at least one member of staff completes the Thrive Licenced Practitioner course (10-days over two to three terms) and all staff attend a three-hour Whole-School Induction session. To retain the Licence, the Thrive Practitioner is required to attend one continuing professional development (CPD) session per year and be actively using Thrive-Online for profiling and assessment.

Business Website Address: Thrive®
Business Website Address: Thrive®
Business Phone Number: 01392797555
Business Phone Number: 01392797555