Assetteach training and consultancy services provides CPD for individual teachers, subject leaders, middle management and whole school development.

Until now individual teachers have had little or no access to independent training. Assetteach is here to change that.

Teachers and existing or aspiring Subject and Middle Leaders can access high quality CPD which meets their professional development needs. Independent CPD webinars from Assetteach are affordable and career enhancing. Assetteach offers schools consultancy and training solutions to develop the confidence and teaching practice of their teachers and subject/middle leaders. Lasting impact on learners is the guiding aim of all the services offered.

Education show 2016

The Education Show is the recognised education & learning community platform. Offering innovative ideas, resources, and insight to enhance passion for pedagogy. It attracts 10,000 visitors providing a unique opportunity to meet +300 exhibitors at The NEC Birmingham.

Technology To Teach Limited
Technology To Teach works in the primary and early-years sector. We provide INSET, courses and in-house consultancy to schools. We cover most subject areas and all our training provides resources and creative ideas for using technology in class.

The founder of our company has considerable experience within the primary sector and has managed and coordinated a variety of subjects. The reason we have made a point of including technology within all of our CPD events is because throughout her years in education she has observed that good technology use can not just enhance learning, but also motivation and enjoyment for both the children and educators.

However, whilst we are advocates of using technology we don’t use it where it will not show results or cannot be managed by the class teacher. Some technology equipment and ideas look good but we should never forget that this has to be managed in a busy classroom.

All of our work will focus on the learning that is needed. There will always be a strong focus with learning concepts and how to support this learning with practical steps.

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Coachmark is the National Quality Mark for Coaching in Education and enables schools and colleges to recognise, develop, strengthen and celebrate the use and impact of a coaching approach.

Coachmark is known for supporting schools to achieve excellence in the use of a coaching approach which impacts on teaching, learning and school improvement success. It is a developmental and supportive process to assist your school to achieve the highest standards in coaching practice at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. It provides clear ‘next steps’ and an action plan to sustain good practice and to further develop coaching in your setting.
The award lasts for 3 years with opportunities for reassessment within that time.
Assessment is through completion and submission of the Coachmark Portfolio of Evidence.
We’ll arrange a phone call to support you in this.
Once you’ve submitted your Portfolio of Evidence we arrange a visit for final assessment. The visit also provides an opportunity for us to look at your aims and offer supportive guidance on next steps.
For the duration of the award you’ll receive an annual review phone call to support you in sustaining what you’ve already achieved and to build on this.
Coachmark is a member of The Association for Coaching, the largest UK professional coaching body promoting best practice and raising standards of coaching.

Complete Forensics C.I.C.
Delivering services and skills based on our own Forensic Science industry experience.

We deliver Forensic Science education and events. We still maintain our industry skills and carry out casework when required by clients BUT we also deliver real forensic science to schools and colleges.
We are registered as a CPD Supplier through the CPD Certification Service and undertake events throughout the year.
These CPD events enable professional educators to embed life and employability skills into learning through the exciting approach of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation

Complete Forensics
The Forensic Shop
Core Connection Coaching
Leadership Coaching and Professional Development

1:1 and group coaching for leaders in education.

The current educational climate is one of rapid change and uncertainty. Educational leaders are being pulled in so many directions, yet still being expected to lead their schools in a cohesive and consistent way. Many are finding themselves moving further and further away from their core values and the reasons they went into education in the first place. This leads to conflict (internally and externally) and ultimately high levels of stress and dissatisfaction towards what should be the most rewarding job.

Core Connection Coaching offers a different perspective and ways to manage the challenges and stresses of the job. Using the Seven Levels of Energy Leadership, a unique framework for understanding our thoughts, actions and behaviours, coaching sessions will help you to shape your true leadership style, face challenges head on and create a vision for you school that is in alignment with your core beliefs and values.

Coaching within educational settings can encompass a huge range of outcomes and goals, for example:
 creating an open, safe culture where all stakeholders feel valued and respected
 developing a more effective leadership style or manner
 creating a positive, engaged leadership team who inspire and influence staff at all levels
 engaging in succession planning & management
 improving interpersonal or communication skills, for individuals or across the culture of the whole setting
 developing a high performing, happy team
 improving work / life balance
 developing time management skills
 enhancing presentation and networking skills
 strengthening self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being

Strong Safeguarding
E-Learning for education CPD and E-safety support service.

Strong Safeguarding is a CPD provider and a support service that aims to keep employees and children healthy and safe. We adhere to Ofsted requirements for schools and the highest expectations of parents and adults. We want to help you establish the best practices and procedures.

Strong Safeguarding