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Short Business Description: Armed with hundreds of games sourced from across the world Imagination Gaming have devised innovative learning programmes that allow children to look at, understand and apply crucial curriculum topics whilst having buckets of fun!

Built to slot in seamlessly to the classroom environment, these learning programmes enable children and adults alike to embrace skills such as maths, literacy, communication, problem solving and so much more.

The sessions also cover those crucial life skills like learning how to lose. So every route taken is a learning opportunity, and each individual comes away with their own positive learning experience.
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We use traditional style games, so board games and card games, to develop, nurture and challenge people to encourage them to apply the learning they have received, whether in the school or other educational establishment, and to find the joy in thinking for fun.

The range of games that we use numbers several hundred and come from companies large and small from across the world. The thing they have in common, they work at achieving the above.

We will make people, both adults and children, laugh, think, compete, consider, express, concentrate, debate and much much more.

What we don’t do? We are not here to teach children how to do long multiplication or how to do algebra for example, we are here to provide games and activities that allow children to understand clearly how to apply skills, such as long multiplication or Algebra, they have to solve problems, to do well in a game and to simply enjoy this in the company of others within a friendly environment.

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Business Phone Number: 07943 682456
LifeGames free app and book out now
Short Business Description: The LifeGames free app and book feature a collection of fun group activities aimed at 3 to 12 year olds that teach the essential ‘lost’ life and social skills of empathy, respect, cooperation, sharing, trust, resilience, responsibility, and much more through the medium of play.
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LifeGames was developed after initial research revealed a distinct lack of essential life skills development in our current education system, with teachers struggling to cope with increased behavioural issues as a direct result.

The LifeGames free downloadable app and introductory book were developed by our team of specialists in child care and education, delivering a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games specially designed to address these shortfalls.

Following on from a successful pilot programme involving 51 schools across the UK and Ireland in early 2019, the LifeGames app and book were launched in September 2019.

Available as a free app on Google Play and the App Store, and an introductory book entitled ‘Introducing LifeGames’ on Amazon, LifeGames is a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games, organised into 5 key categories: Self, Community, World, Social Skills and Problem Solving, aimed at children of ages 3-12.

The free LifeGames app comes preloaded with a collection of 40+ classroom activities and games for three age groups (3-5, 6-9, 10-12), covering key areas such as empathy, respect, responsibility, problem solving, conflict resolution, effective communication and confidence.

A further 320+ activities and games are accessible via the LifeGames app and a variety of packages are available to suit even the most thinly stretched educational budget.

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