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Kids Email
Safe Email Service for Kids

Safe Email Service for Kids. Choose to monitor incoming/outgoing messages. Set up to allow approved people to contact your child. No advertising, or spam. A safe way to allow your kids to communicate online.

Safe Email for Kids
Safe Email for Kids
School Life
All your communication needs in one affordable package

School Life.

With School Life the school is able to easily update their own website without having to wait for 3rd party’s to do it for them and at the same time it also updates the school app. Each member of staff has their own log in and the administrator can give specific staff specific access to certain areas of the website so each member of staff can keep their own section of the website and app updated.

We will import all of your data on to our system so there is no work involved for yourself. We will also come along to your school to give you a full demonstration of the platform and book a couple of hours where we can come in and teach you how to use the system fully.

A single form entry School saves on average £2-3000 per year just by using this system.

The school can very easily create Newsletters, to create a newsletter on the system can take around 10 minutes from start to being in the parents pocket. Our process eliminates the need for the school to print off hundreds and sometimes thousands of newsletters to then be distributed to each class for the teacher to then put the newsletters in the child’s bag, eliminating the risk of the newsletter not making it home. When creating the newsletter different staff members can edit and update the newsletter before publishing it.

Messaging on the School Life platform takes away the expense of sending SMS messages to the primary parent.
Not only does SMS messaging cost per message but may not reach the correct parent. If the parents are not together or have changed numbers these messages will be wasted costing the school each time and resulting in the parents or guardians missing key information.

With the School Life messaging system, the parent logins via the application which is available on Apple and Android devices allowing messages to be received regardless of change of mobile number or mobile device.
The messages can be targeted to certain groups of people, for example the parents of the football team or the parents of year 2 maths class etc.

You also have the ability to schedule your messages. With this system you are guaranteed that the correct people get the message straight away. If a user doesn’t have a compatible phone, they can also login via the website.

This works in the same way as any emailing system does apart from you can (like messaging) target specific groups, send it to just the staff, send to all the parents or even send it to all the students. You can save templates so you can send the same email over and over again.

You can publish an event on the calendar and show this information to specific groups such as everyone, parents only, staff or parents of a certain group or year.

Here you can create a home work log for pupils and parents, the pupil will know what they need to do for their homework and the parents can keep check to make sure the homework is done.
In here you can set deadlines for the homework, making it very easy to manage all of your pupils homework.

Class/Group Management,
Here is where you can set up your groups for messaging and access to parts of the website etc. for example you can set up year 2 Maths class, year 2 English class, School Football team etc.
These groups are used for the Email, Messaging and Calendar features.

General Updates,
Updating the content of the website and application is all controlled by a very simple and effective content management system (CMS).
The CMS is built using a drag and drop system allowing the user to structure the page however they want. No experience is required with website building or coding.
Changes that are made appear on the website and application straight away, meaning important changes are shown when they are needed to be shown.

We will give you a demonstration on this and teach you how to use the complete platform as well as ongoing support

School Life
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