Circular Computing™
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Short Business Description: Circular Computing™ exists to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise IT.
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As the world's first remanufacturer of IT, Circular Computing’s mission is to change the way the world buys IT and create positive environmental, social and ethical impacts so we can all live in a better world with a brighter future.

Circular Computing have invested over €5 million in the world’s first purpose-built computer remanufacturing facility, that will extend the life of laptops by another 3 – 4 years. This circular business model is unique to Circular Computing. The company re-purchases these laptops every 3 years when they will re-join the remanufacturing process and be redeployed to other customers. In total, the company estimates three re-loop cycles and another nine years of useful life, which in turn creates enormous positive environmental, ethical and social impact. This is made possible due to the intensive 5-hour industrial remanufacturing and upgrade process that every Circular laptop undergoes, resulting in products that look and perform the same as new. They are backed with a 3-year advance replacement warranty, offering complete peace of mind.

Serious and committed about its plans, Circular Computing invests a percentage of its profits into high impact environmental and social initiatives in India and Africa. Working together with WeForest, a Belgian NGO, Circular Computing plants five trees for every laptop sold. This environmental and social commitment helps to mitigate climate change, create jobs and empower local communities to become more sustainable. Over 600Kgs of Co2 is sequestered by every laptop. This means Circular Computing laptops has a zero-carbon footprint for three years of use as well as having the original CO2 from OEM manufacturing reversed.

Firmly rooted in the circular economy and working exclusively with a network of partners who are all committed toward this shared vision, the company aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

Business Phone Number: +44 (0)2392 530291
Business Phone Number: +44 (0)2392 530291
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Short Business Description: A Digital Record of Achievement and smart CV Builder.
Student's record their 'best bits', get organised and feel confident for Personal Statement writing / job, work and FE applications.
Teaching Resources ready made; no planning required.
Free for life to the first 100 schools to register ( Enjoy!
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Students record information on their greatest achievements, key experiences, enriching hobbies and special interests to their online CV+ portfolio, keeping information organised and safe in one place to reduce stress at application time for both students and teachers. Students can upload video, files, weblinks and testimonials as well as text and imagery to create online articles ('posts') which can be converted to PDF and automatically laid out like a magazine article. Alternatively, posts can be shared by weblink to cover letters, UCAS applications, email, social media- anywhere! This use of different media types caters for students with practical interests, as well as those confident with writing, and showcases the student's content like nothing else can. Content is tagged with the relevant skills to create an organised database of content by skill, as well as educate on the link between the individual and their personal skills as valuable for employability. Confidence and pride palpably grows in the classroom with CV+ as students tackle their fears around applications and the world of work.

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Business Website Address: Teaching Resources ready made for you!
Business Phone Number: 07921 853 384
Wall art for you school. Engage, educate and protect.
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Short Business Description: HD Wraps UK is a Midlands based company that designs, manufactures and installs wall wraps (wall art) - with a clear interest and expertise in the educational and health sectors. We have installed in many colleges, primary and high schools, private schools, Trust academies, hospitals and care homes - plus offices, museums and car showrooms!
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What is wall art for schools?

Wall art - also known as wall wraps (which is our preferred term), photo wallpaper and bespoke wallpaper - are in essence a sticky vinyl covering that is designed to your brief and fitted to a wall/corridor/room.

Car wrapping became a big thing many years ago and wall wrapping is a similar concept. The vinyl is malleable (by plastic hand tools or a heat gun), so it can be manipulated easily over rough areas, awkward angles and can be cut to the exact shape required.

Who are HD Wraps UK?

We are a Midlands based company that designs, manufactures and installs these wall wraps - with a clear interest and expertise in the educational and health sectors. We have installed in many colleges, primary and high schools, private schools, Trust academies, hospitals and care homes - plus offices, museums and car showrooms!

Why use us for your school wall art investment?

We ONLY use industry-leading vinyl and over-laminate all their wraps with a matt or gloss plastic covering. This forms a scuff resistant ‘shield’ to help protect from bag and shoe marks that are inevitable in high traffic areas within schools.

Working closely with headteachers (and their teams), HD Wraps UK help create stunning wall art designs that transform lifeless dull areas into captivating places to be.

Wall art can be designed to an exact brief from the headteacher, or can be handed over to our designers to see what they can come up with! Either way, the headteacher gets as many changes as they like and are provided with both flat designs and Photoshop mock-up visuals, showing how the designs will look once installed.

This works well as it gives real insight to what the wall wraps will actually look like in real life. Installation doesn’t take place until the customer is 100% happy.

Schools can save (a lot of) money...

Wall art for schools is considered an investment, providing a cost-saving in painting and overall maintenance of walls. Over the course of 10+ years, just think how many times corridors would need to be painted or touched up to cover those pesky bag scuffs - these costs for larger schools can rocket into the thousands per year.

We say that generally wall wraps are good for at least 10 years, which is also partly down to the over-laminate having built-in UV inhibitors, preventing fading from sunlight.

But what if the wall art is damaged?

That’s not an issue either, as small parts of the wall wrap can be carefully cut out and replaced with a newly printed section - making the repair virtually invisible to the eye. Even if a large are was damaged badly then we can replace whole panels. If areas are very small then we don't normally charge either... making the wall wart a valuable asset to keeping your school looking well cared for.

What about installation?

All wall art ordered with HD Wraps UK are inclusive of professional fitting. No matter how large or awkward the area - their team can fit. Sometimes they need to ’make good’ very rough crumbling walls with a material called Foamex, this is mounted onto thin battens and  the Foamex is then secured to it - giving a nice flat surface for the wall wraps to then be mounted on to. HD Wraps UK take care of all this - headteachers and their teams need not worry about the details.

The installation team are also IPAF and PASMA trained and qualified with up to date disclosures and security checks - giving schools peace of mind around their children.

Can wall art help encourage learning?

According to studies of students’ physical environments, we would think a resounding yes to this question! Students get to read and see information every day on their way to classrooms, stimulating imaginations with vivid imagery and facts that can be tailored to the school’s curriculum.

Way-finding can also be placed inside the designs and serve to distinguish areas of the school with different subjects.

Make your school stand out from the competition...

We have seen a dramatic increase in headteachers talking about ‘competition’ and wanting their school to stand out when potential students visit. For a WOW first impression, wall wraps from HD Wrap UK will deliver just that.

Take a look at the rest of our website or social channels for more information, see our portfolio here or book a totally free no obligation quotation here

Call us on 01949 843 794 or email on

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube - search @hdwrapsuk

Video examples here:

More about us here:

PS! We also design and instal glass wall art in schools

If you have windows or doors that could do with some privacy, but don’t want to lose all your natural light then we have a solution – glass vinyl. It’s a type of adhesive vinyl that has tiny holes in it allowing one side to be printed on and the other to stick to the glass. This means people can’t see through it easily, and loads of natural light still gets through. Perfect for classrooms. The process for glass wall art in your school is identical to the above - you give us a brief, or we come up with ideas for you to peruse. We then Photoshop mockup the design in place at your school and then install in a similar way to the wall wraps.

Business Website Address: Wall art for schools
Business Website Address: Wall art examples
Business Phone Number: 01949 843 794
iSpace Wellbeing
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Short Business Description: iSpace Wellbeing: The first Mental Health and Wellbeing curriculum for schools
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iSpace Wellbeing is the first mental and emotional wellbeing curriculum for schools and children aged 4-13.

The iSpace Wellbeing curriculum provides a fun, child-friendly framework and a common language to help conversations about emotions, mental health and wellbeing become part of the fabric of everyday life. It offers a preventative approach to mental wellbeing, including who and how to ask for help.

It is a complete curriculum solution including teacher training, ready to go lesson plans and materials, and a supporting toolkit; making mental and emotional wellbeing a subject schools can embrace with confidence as part of PSHE.

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Kapow Primary
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Short Business Description: Inspiring demo videos, lesson plans and classroom resources for subjects beyond the core curriculum.
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Adaptable schemes of work across Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Music, French and RSE created by subject specialists ensure progression of skills, build teacher subject knowledge and save planning time. 

- 700+ skills-based lessons, easy to adapt for any curriculum or topic at KS1 and KS2
- Adopt topic-by-topic, subject-by-subject or use as a holistic, end-to-end curriculum that ensures pupil progression
- Hundreds of bite-sized videos develop subject knowledge and provide CPD as you plan your lessons
- Rich, visual demonstrations of proven techniques developed in the classroom by top specialists
- NEW subject RSE including age appropriate puberty videos

It’s like having a subject specialist mentor on hand 24/7

Business Website Address: Kapow Primary
Business Website Address: Free trial
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Short Business Description: Kinteract is a digital portable learning record that enhances student development by tracking progress from early years to graduation; making use of intuitive design, powerful analysis and instant home-school communication, Kinteract enables teachers to quickly, easily and securely track and share progress and help students to reach their full potential.
Long Business Description:

Kinteract is a lifelong portable learning record that enhances student development by tracking progress from early years to graduation.

With intuitive design, powerful analysis and instant communication, Kinteract enables teachers to easily and securely track and share progress through multimedia inputs and outputs. Unlike other providers, language translation capability improves parental engagement by making highlights accessible for all. Being device and curriculum agnostic, Kinteract is relevant in any learning environment globally.

Taking real-time reporting to a new level, Kinteract enables teachers to predict progress and address individual learning needs without increasing workload. What’s more, senior leadership benefits from the analytical tools to support data-driven decision-making at both individual and institution level.

Many platforms provide some of the capabilities that Kinteract excels in, but none bring together all the functionality Kinteract can offer in one place. With this in mind, Kinteract aims to change learning, encourage progress and nurture the life skills needed in today’s world.

Business Website Address: Kinteract
Business Phone Number: 01295817625
LifeGames free app and book out now
Short Business Description: The LifeGames free app and book feature a collection of fun group activities aimed at 3 to 12 year olds that teach the essential ‘lost’ life and social skills of empathy, respect, cooperation, sharing, trust, resilience, responsibility, and much more through the medium of play.
Long Business Description:

LifeGames was developed after initial research revealed a distinct lack of essential life skills development in our current education system, with teachers struggling to cope with increased behavioural issues as a direct result.

The LifeGames free downloadable app and introductory book were developed by our team of specialists in child care and education, delivering a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games specially designed to address these shortfalls.

Following on from a successful pilot programme involving 51 schools across the UK and Ireland in early 2019, the LifeGames app and book were launched in September 2019.

Available as a free app on Google Play and the App Store, and an introductory book entitled ‘Introducing LifeGames’ on Amazon, LifeGames is a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games, organised into 5 key categories: Self, Community, World, Social Skills and Problem Solving, aimed at children of ages 3-12.

The free LifeGames app comes preloaded with a collection of 40+ classroom activities and games for three age groups (3-5, 6-9, 10-12), covering key areas such as empathy, respect, responsibility, problem solving, conflict resolution, effective communication and confidence.

A further 320+ activities and games are accessible via the LifeGames app and a variety of packages are available to suit even the most thinly stretched educational budget.

Available on:

Google Play:
App Store:

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Short Business Description: Moki is the first physical activity tracker designed for schools.
Long Business Description:

We know that schools have a critical role to play in tackling the current childhood obesity and inactivity epidemic - but how? How can they successfully identify their least active pupils as well as monitor the activity of the school as a whole? How can they use actual data and insight to optimise a curriculum that best supports pupils to be more active?

Moki is a smart wristband and software application that measures physical activity and provides both on-screen and printable, user-friendly reports for schools and teachers. Moki has been designed from the ground up to be an intuitive, robust and super easy way to measure and motivate physical activity across an entire school.

Business Website Address: Click here to book a free trial
Business Website Address: Click here to book a free trial
Redway Networks
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Short Business Description: Redway Networks is a WiFi specialist with expertise in the planning, design and installation of wireless solutions that support all your EdTech connectivity needs and provide the foundation for your school's digital business.
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Sustaining and scaling technology is a must for schools today in supporting digital teaching and learning and access to digital assets requires fast, secure and reliable WiFi.
That’s where educational wireless experts, Redway Networks comes in. We are specialists in the design, installation and support of enterprise grade WiFi for schools and colleges and have helped many educational establishments improve connectivity with uninterrupted access to online applications with our high-performance WiFi solutions.
We partner with world-leading hardware and technology partners to provide your school with a one-stop-assistance for all your EdTech needs with an outstanding service:

• WiFi site surveys
• WiFi design and installation
• School wireless management
• School web filtering solutions
• Educational hardware
• Security software

Business Website Address: Visit our website
Business Phone Number: 01908 046400
School Lettings Solutions
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Short Business Description: SLS provides a full lettings solution for schools to maximise the use of their facilities during evenings, weekends and school holidays.
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SLS provides a full lettings solution for more than 250 schools, academies and colleges across the UK to maximise the use of their facilities during evenings, weekends and school holidays while connecting them to local community groups.

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Business Phone Number: 03301005470